Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of things to Cub Scouts do?

A: Since Cub Scouts covers Kindergarten through 5th grade, the adventures cover a wide range to reflect the advancements in the scouts' capabilities. The youngest scouts might be doing fun crafts or learning about local animals. The older scouts might be learning and practicing skits for a campfire program or learning useful knots. The eldest scouts might be working as a team to plan a successful campout complete with meal planning and preparation. We always try and follow the "Keep it simple, Make it fun" motto.

Q: Can my daughter join Cub Scouts?

A: Yes! The Scouts BSA Cub Scout program is open to your whole family.

Q: How much does it cost to join Cub Scouts?

A: The annual cost changes a bit each year but budgeting $100/year is a good idea.

An example for a new scout family joining at the beginning of the school year....

Between $40 and $50 when joining in August / September and $100 in December when Pack 3250 recharters with Scouts BSA National organization. Then $100/year each December thereafter.

NOTE: The Pack 3250 committee also offers need-based financial assistance upon request.

Q: Do parents have to register with Scouts BSA to accompany their child to meetings or events?

A: While we encourage parents to register, it is not required. Completing online Youth Protection Training is required if a parent or guardian are attending a camping event.

Q: How often do Cub Scouts meet?

A: Throughout the school year Cub Scouts usually meet once per week (we meet Mondays), sometimes with their Den, but sometimes there are Pack meetings where all Dens get together for awards and activities. During the summer we strive for at least one activity per month. Check out our pack calendar!

Q: What is a Den leader and Cubmaster?

A: Scouts are grouped by age, aligning to their grade level in school. Each age group is called a Den and each Den has one or more Den leaders who are adult volunteers who have registered with Scouts BSA (and undergone a background check), received training, and carry out the scouting program for their group. All of the Dens together form the Pack. The Cubmaster is a registered and trained adult volunteer who oversees all of the Dens (the Pack) and conducts Pack activities like camp outs and monthly Pack meetings. Here is a link for more information about how Cub Scouts is organized.

Q: Which Den will my scout be in?

A: Below is a list that shows which Den a scout belongs to by school grade.

  • Kindergarten: Lion Den

  • First Grade: Tiger Den

  • Second Grade: Wolf Den

  • Third Grade: Bear Den

  • Fourth Grade: Webelos Den

  • Fifth Grade: Arrow of Light Den

Q: Do I need to buy a uniform for my scout or does the Pack provide one?

A: Pack 3250 does not provide a uniform so you will need to get one for your scout. Check out this page for more information on what you need and where to get it.

Q: What is a Class A uniform and what is a Class B uniform?

A: The Class A uniform is the blue button down shirt, neckerchief, slide, and patches (optional pants and cap). The Class B uniform is a t-shirt with a Pack 3250 design. The Pack usually chooses a new design for Class B t-shirts once per year.

Q: When should my scout wear their Class A uniform and when should they wear their Class B?

A: Scouts should wear their Class A uniform to all scouting functions unless the Den leader or Cubmaster specifies Class B. Often Class B uniforms are worn for more active adventures such as bike riding or informal activities like a game night. When in doubt, wear the Class A over a Class B :-)

Q: Does my family have to belong to a specific church or subscribe to a specific religion to be involved in Cub Scouts?

A: No. Scouting is nonsectarian and welcomes families of any faith, but faith does play a role. Within the Scout Oath one recognizes a duty to self, others, and God.

Q: Will my scout have to participate in fund raising?

A: There is at least one annual fund raising activity each year (we sell popcorn). Participation isn't required, but the scouts that do have a ton of fun and compete and earn prizes and can earn funds to "pay their way" for summer camp and registration fees.

... More to come ...